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The Nursery's History
Before the curriculum for 4 year olds was introduced by the Local Education Authority, "classes" were set up for 4 year olds, with the guidance of the reception teacher at the local primary school. This was a great success and we ended up having 3 different "classes". One for 2 year olds, one for 3 year olds and one for 4 year olds, 3 mornings per week. In September 2000 this progressed to opening a Day Nursery for 0-14year olds. The Nursery has been operating successfully for over 12 years, taking children from the East Devon area and more. We extended the premises in 2008 to include a designated pre-school room. We now have a before and after school club, servicing three local primary schools.

The Nursery Mission
To create a happy, secure and stimulating environment in which all members of the Nursery community can blossom and develop their potential as human beings.

The Nursery Aims

  1. To nurture and support all abilities, helping every child to achieve his/her potential in all areas of learning - social, intellectual, physical, and emotional.
  2. To equip children with the skills and positive attitudes to become creative and independent thinkers, and to become learners for life within an ever-changing world.
  3. To develop learning activities which stimulate positive models of enquiry, reflection and innovation.
  4. To promote an attitude of care, tolerance, trust and respect among the children of the Nursery.
  5. To maintain excellent facilities and an environment of quality in which all members of the Nursery are fully valued.
  6. To provide the six areas of learning regarding the curriculum for four year olds.
Children at play in our pleasant grounds.

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